It is a method that it composes continuously with narrow width and long length panels. Moving induction and expandability of space is the design feature and it is a system where is superior go control the curved from The type is classified to folding form, extruded form and size. And also as a demanding of customer, it is possible to change the shape.


C-type strip ceiling system is the method that fixes the panel to carrier directly, it is easy to establish, dissolve and conserve and is possible to control the curved surface form following the carrier's line.



It is a well-known method that fixes the panel to M-bar directly, there is a sense of stability and it makes the different pattern following product standard.



It is a method that fixes the panel to M-Bar directly like a S-type strip ceiling. Not like roll-formed method, it will be able to express in various shape as a extruded form.



It arranges the pipe of the circular shape with the soft image with regular interval and direction. It is three-dimensional and the impression of heavy appearance is emphasized.



Different from general strip ceiling which gives a plane surface impression, this system attach vertical panels to carrier. Following the folding angle, the shape is various and it shows the in-order image.



By putting the panel made by aluminum extrusion regular interval and arranging in systematic vertical line form, through the beauty of the margin, it gives the impression which is neat and brief.