This system is made by the method that panels are put on the tartan box and tartan runner which are connected like the lattice shape. The materials of tartan box and tartan runner are steel panel galvanized with zinc and the material of panel is steel or aluminum galvanized with zinc. Tartan runner and tartan box of the lattice shape take plate forms and inner tartan panel can be made in plate or curved shapes. Besides, plank panel can be installed in substitute for tartan panel.


This system is made by the method that after composed of the frame of the lattice using tartan runner and tartan box of steel of 1.2mm thickness. This is specialized that it can be completely assembled without any tools as strong as it can stand load of 2 tons over only with tartan box and tartan runner. Besides, it is designed to be installed and removed easily, so the installation of equipments for lighting, air-conditioning, communication and fire extinguishing, etc. is convenient.


Tartan Box :

This is the component constituting the major part of main runner, which is suitable to set up the fire-sensing equipment, spring-cooler, indirect lighting, emergency lighting and so on.


Tartan Runner :

The lattice-shaped Tartan runner which is connected to the Tartan box is appropriated for setting up the Line Diffuser or long lighting like fluorescent lights.