This system is made in the method that perforated and non-perforated panels of the leveled rectangular shapes using aluminum or steel are installed lengthwise and crosswise. According to this system's uses, equipments for lighting, air-conditioning, communication and fire extinguishing, etc. can be designed in accordance with ceiling in various ways. Specially, if perforated panels are used, the sound absorbing effect is the largest.


This system is made by the method of that panels are put on z-bar hung in carrying channel. The surface of the ceiling is composed of only plank panels. This reveals a neat external view without a joint and it can be attached easily on every anchorage point without using special tools.



This system is made by the method of that after installation with exposure of the plank runner hung in carrying channel, panels are put on plank runner. The installation is convenient and the installation cost is inexpensive. In addition, it is simple for lighting apparatus, equipments, etc. to be installed in plank runner or plank panel.


Plank Runner :

This is made into rectilinear appearance making use of metal materials as the support structure fame of Lay-in System.