This system is made by the method that is attached onto wall or ceiling after processing aluminum or steel panel in the shapes of squares or rectangles into plate, square, octagonal, circular panel like the shapes of . Sizes, shapes and colours are easily varied, and horizontality and solidity are excellent. Moreover, electricity lines, lighting apparatus, fire extinguishing equipments, communication equipments, etc. can be installed with facility.


This system is assembled in the method of that clip bar equipped in one direction is put in carrying channel. Because accessories are not exposed to the outside, so it looks good externally, this is one of the products designers prefer the most. The strong lattice shaped structures show a prominent effect on maintenances of ceiling horizontality and the convenient handling in attaching or removing makes the repair of panels easy.



This system is assembled in the method of that z-bar equipped in one direction is hook on tile. Accessories are not exposed to the outside and this is advantageous to setting the surface of the ceiling evenly. This has high strength and can be used in precision constructions. In particular, the height of joint part of tiles is possible to be controlled and according to the dimension of panels, Line fluorescent lightings or down lights are available as you want to.



This system is installed in the method of that T-bar hung in hanger is assembled into the lattice shape and then tile is put on the inside. T-bar is exposed and according to the shapes of t-bar or tile projection degree, a various forms can be created. Exposed T-type accessories having lattice shape give the regularity and unification on ceiling.