From long time ago, the advanced nations think environmental fact seriously and has used metal ceiling as a replacement of existing ceiling.

Assembly form which made of the light-weight aluminum and iron is easy to choose the size, color of production and easy to fix and take off, so it can reduce construction duration and it is easy to construct and maintenance.

The life is semi-permanent and the resistance to acid and chemical fact is superior so there are almost not rust and change of color, deflect and bulkiness. Especially compared with general ceiling, non-flammability, cold-resistance, wet-proof and invasion are strong, and the minute dust does not occur, with environmental character as easy to re-use in the multi-flex space of world, it is used as a necessary material.


With the talented man, based on the best technical power and know-how, we have the self-conceit that metal ceiling is ¡° Jeil ¡±.

In domestic, We participated in Inch'on international airport, nationwide subway stations and Posteel company building and Star tower and COEX trade exhibition, In the Overseas, we participated in Japanese Toyko Shiseido building, Chinese Shanhai Posplaza, Hong Kong cheklapkok international airport and New Zealand Wellington international airport, Philippine Manila Light Railway Transport, and so we raise the reputation from numerous international formation project.

Through the endless technical development and automated up-to-date equipment, even what kind of requirement of the customer, order production method that will be able to dispose any kind of requirement of the customer is the ¡°Jeil¡±s self-praise whoever can¡¯t imitate.