JeilSanup was established in 1977 as a history of metal ceiling systems in Korea

    ¡®JEIL-Series¡¯ has been produced by Craftsman¡¯s spirit with 25 years experience, one time production

    system based on up-to-date equipment and updated technology, original idea and a skilled

    work force with accumulated know-how, 'JEIL-Series' has been used in numerous projects both

    domestic and internationally. Especially, from Hong Kong government, our ¡®JEIL-Series¡® selected

    Metal-Ceiling Product which was given to only two companies in the world.

    JeilSanup soured the best technical and research development available in the world. JeilSanup has

    invented more than 100 patents with design registration. JeilSanup complies with ISO9001,

    Good Design (GD) mark and products comply with KS and Japanese government¡¯s nonflammable

    authorization as well as environmental management ISO 14001.

    JeilSanup will meet international standards like United States ASTM, Germany DIN, Great British BS,

    and Japanese JIS by co-operation with worldwide research agencies.

    Even after 100 years, we will be a valuable cornerstone of construction-culture on

    the open mind of anytime, anywhere¡¯s talking with clients like as architect, designer and so on.

    Thank you.

    Jeil Sanup was established in 1977,the year metal ceiling was born in Korea.

    Today, Jeil¡¯s products are backed up with 25 years of craftsman¡¯s experience. Know-how, up-to-date

    equipment and technologies and a skilled workforce all bring about the highest quality and production

    standard recognized worldwide. Jeil¡¯s products have found its way beyond the domestic market into

    the strictest demands of its international clients.

    Jeil Sanup is now among the two companies worldwide whose products are approved for use in

    government projects in Hong Kong.

    Jeil Sanup has adopted the best technical standards known in the world today. Its products comply with

    ISO-9001, Good Design (GD), Korean Standards (KS), The Japanese non-flammable authorization

    standard and Environmental Management (ISO-14001).

    Jeil¡¯s products have also been tested by international testing agencies and have been found to comply

    with international standards such as ASTM, DIN, BS and JIS.

    In the next 100 years, Jeil aims to maintain its reputation as the preferred choice of all architects and

    designers worldwide.